Four Reasons To Defend WikiLeaks

December 8, 2010

Here are four reasons to defend WikiLeaks:

1. If  Newt Gingrich, , Dianne Feinstein, Peter King, Joe Lieberman, Charles Schumer, Joy Behar,Condoleeza Rice and Whoopi Goldberg all agree that Julian Assange is a terrorist, I’m forced to take the other side. This has all the earmarks of a major witch hunt.

2. Ron Paul is defending Julian Assange. That’s good enough for me. Mr. Paul is the only elected official in this country with any degree of integrity regarding this issue.

3. The First Amendment protects independent third parties who publish classified information.

4. The United States has a long, cherished history of Freedom of the Press.  I previously posted about this. Yesterday’s arrest ratchets up the stakes. The scariest part is the overwhelming support for censorship that I see from the mainstream media. I suspect that it may be all about the fact that the Obama Administration and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have a lot to lose from the Wikileaks revelations. Our left leaning media would be praising and defending Mr. Assange if Bush and Cheney were still in charge.

Of course it may instead be the instinct for self preservation. Do they fear speaking out for fear that this 21st century version of McCarthyism will soon find them in the cross hairs?

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